Helpful Advice for Sellers

1. Choosing the right REALTOR® for you


Selling your home is complex and involves large sums of money, legal requirements to abide to, and the potential for error without knowledgable guidance. 


Interview potential REALTORS® in your local community, learn about their services and marketing plan, and choose someone you are comfortable with and confident in.



2. Signing a Listing Agreement with your REALTOR®


A Listing Agreement is a contract between you and your REALTORS® brokerage company. 

Generally, in the agreement you appoint the brokerage company as your agent and give its representatives the authority to find a Buyer for your home.


Ask your listing REALTOR® about disclosure, which is a Seller's obligation to disclose facts about properties for sale. Intentionally withholding information about a property when selling it can have serious legal consequences.



3. Setting Your Price


How much should you ask for? Although you may have an idea of how much your house is worth, it's important to have your home valued by a professional. Fair Market Value is the highest price a property will bring if exposed to sale in an open market allowing for a reasonable amount of time to locate a Buyer. Be careful not to price your property too high or too low to avoid losing potential Buyers or your investment.


A REALTOR® has the information and expertise to assess at what prices similar properties in your area have sold, and can provide information on market history, such as the number of properties sold in your community the previous month or year.



4. Waiting For the Right Opportunity


Sometimes a home doesn't sell right away. Avoid the urge to pull your home off the market. Be persistent! Generally, there are three reasons why a home may not sell as fast as others: location; condition; and asking price. Obviously, you can't change your home's location. However, you can improve the condition of your home and you can, of course, adjust your price.





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